Business Unit story

The SK FireSafety Group Business Unit Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals works for a sector characterised by high investments incorporating high risks. Our task is to provide optimum protection for both people’s lives as well as for investments. And you can only do so if you have specialist knowledge of the risks involved. What are these risks and how do you restrict them to the absolute minimum?

There are excellent manuals, often metres thick, about the principles of fire safety and fire fighting. Our Business Unit picks up where these manuals end, by zooming in on your specific situation. Because although the components we use are comprised mainly of established products, the solution we offer is never off-the-shelf; the locations at which our customers are active are too diverse. For example, some systems must be able to withstand earthquakes, others may have to cope with high and/or low external temperatures, and yet others may have extremely high corrosive conditions. But to whatever remote corner of the world your business takes you, we’ve probably already been there!”