Suppression Systems for Electrical Rooms

NOHA has over 30 years of experience with supplying various types of fire suppression systems. One of our more recent deliveries was to a property manager in Trondheim, to protect their electrical equipment against fire. In February 2014 NOHA installed 17 Fire Detective point protection suppression system. The systems was delivered with extinguishing medium Co2 2 kg, and installed in every electric switchboard room in the customers building.

Why automatic suppression system?

NOHAs automatic suppression system for point protection is a cost-effective solution for critical equipment, systems and enclosures that demand continuous detection and extinguishing. Our customers see the importance of minimizing risks, and with a Fire Detective system a fire will be detected and extinguished at an early stage. This can minimize shut down time if a fire starts in critical areas such as the electrical system.


Together with the customer, one of our advisors discovered the need for automatic fire suppression in these rooms that were critical for the operations in the building. The customer has previously ordered from us with good experiences, NOHA was therefore a natural choice as supplier for the systems.

NOHA supplies the solutions you need

No fire protection job is too small or big for us. We can offer suppression systems that can protect your high value assets, in smaller areas or large operation-critical rooms. NOHA also supplies Wet Chemical Kitchen System, a foam suppression system specially designed for cooking surfaces in restaurants and other industry kitchens. With our experience and skills we can find the best solutions for your operation critical areas and objects.