About NOHA

NOHA’s headquarters and production facilities are situated in Stavanger, regional offices in Bergen, Oslo, Kistiansand and Trondheim. Abroad, our products are sold through our extensive distributor network.

NOHA Norway AS

Orstadvegen 124
N-4353 Stavanger
Email: support@noha.no
Phone: +47 51 81 60 00

Sales & Service of Firefighting equipment – onshore & offshore


NOHA NORWAY AS was established in 1924, and began manufacturing hose reels and cabinets in Stavanger, in the early 1950’s. We have since then, focused on developing solutions to cover all fire safety needs for the residential and commercial markets.We are therefore proud to be able to supply fire fighting equipment according to our customers’ needs. And, we have the competence needed to come up with safe and smart solutions. Such solutions are best found through communication with our customers.

Extensive range of certified quality products
Is it possible to buy safety? Actually, yes. Feeling safe is based on being prepared. In case of fire, feeling safe is based on having high-quality fire fighting equipment available when you need it. In addition to a wide range of quality products for the residential- and consumer markets, NOHA offers our customers what they need to be prepared: Service and maintenance included. We also offer training and counselling. Regarding quality, there is no compromise.

Renovating or building new?
If you involve NOHA in your plans at an early stage, we can find practical and esthetical solutions. This will provide you with the safety you deserve: Not only design-wise, you will also save money.