KitchenFlex - automatic suppression

24-hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas; hoods and cooking surfaces.

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KitchenFlex Suppression System

KitchenFlex is our automatic suppression system with Wet Chemical extinguishing agent, specially developed to extinguish fire in fry- and cooking oil. The nozzles are placed to protect deep frier, grill and frying plate, and vent hood. The automatic system protects the area 24 hours a day, but can also be manually activated.

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Cost-effective, stand-alone automatic fire suppression for your critical equipment, systems and enclosures.

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CesaFlex Suppression System

The effectiveness of this system comes from the red detection tubing that ruptures when exposed to a flame. The specialized tubing combines leak resistance, flexibility, durability and precise temperature sensitivity, allowing it to react quickly when the heat from a fire is present. The flexible, narrow tubing is particularly applicable in small spaces and connects to one of the custom engineered valves and a cylinder that contains the best fire suppression agent for the particular hazard: powder, foam, water, or CO2. Designed for simple installation, often very near the source of a potential fire, the system is a self-activating suppression system that reliably suppresses fires in seconds. No electricity required.

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Gas Suppression System

Protect your high value assets with an Argonite inert gas fire suppression system.

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Argonite Gas Suppression System

Argonite is a blend of argon and nitrogen gases that occur naturally in the atmosphere. It is popular with organisations that prefer to use a non-chemical suppression agent. With zero ODP, zero GWP and zero atmospheric lifetime, Argonite has excellent environmental credentials. It works by displacing oxygen and reducing from the normal 21% to a level that will not support combustion. A typical design concentration of 40% will reduce the oxygen level to 12.5% within 60 seconds. In occupied areas personnel can continue to breathe safely at this level for short periods of time.

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Dual Agent Units

NOHAs standard Dual Agent UnitsĀ are supplied as a skid mounted system, enclosed in a heated stainless steel cabinet.

Extremely efficient units for protection of areas containing hydrocarbons or alcohols, such as helicopter decks and process areas.

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Dual Agent

The Dual Agent Skid is supplied with two individual hoses, where one hose is intended for dry chemical and the other for water/foam. It is equipped with a Dual Agent nozzle that has individual open/shut valves, and with a twist-action selection of jet or fog on the water/foam side, giving full control of the two agents. Dual Agent Units are rapidly activated, and they are simple to use. The dry chemical powder gives a rapid knockdown of large scale fires, while water/foam gives cooling of hot surfaces and sealing of liquid pool fires.

Reference projects - Dual Agent Unit

NOHA has over the years delivered several Dual Agent Units (DAHR stations). Read more about one of Our latest Project here.

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