NOHA has a number of experienced service technicians maintaining our customers fire fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers, hose reels and fire fighting systems.

Service contract

NOHA offers Service Contracts the Norwegian market. In brief, you will be visited by our professionals who ensure there are necessary fire safety equipment in the building, and that it’s always ready for use.

With our fully digital service solution, you receive a automated report including all your equipment and what service has been performed on it. Easy and efficient!

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Service Fire Fighting Equipment

To maintain fire safety there must be performed regularly qualified control, inspection and maintenance of the manual extinguishing systems, and this must be documented.

By entering into maintenance agreements with NOHA, you get:

• Identification and listing of fire-fighting equipment
• certified and controlled Fire fighting equipment - ensuring quality and extends the products lifespan
• Our service technician's experience, advice and recommendations
• A comprehensive assessment of the security in the enterprise/ building
NOHA perform annual maintenance of fire fighting equipment in accordance with DIN 3910 for fire extinguishers and EN 671-3 fo fire hoses. This is in accordance with the recommendations in § 2-4 of the "Veiledning til forskrift om brannforebyggende tiltak og tilsyn" (FOBTOT). After servicing we issue a written maintenance report.

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Service Fire Extinguishing Systems

Knowing that a fire extinguishing system is alert 24 hours a day, all year round, is reassuring, but requires ​​regular inspection and maintenance performed by a competent person. As a service customer of NOHA we can arrange this for you.

Maintenance in accordance with applicable law:

Service intervals are generally defined  by the supplier in the acquisition document, and the service is performed in accordance with applicable regulations and manufacturers' requirements. The service mission is concluded by issuing full report and documentation of specific maintenance procedures.

Regular service secures that everything is working properly, and that no changes have been made in relation to the system documentation or structural conditions.

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