NOHA expands in Sweden

Brand & Industriskydd and Secunova Gruppen have become part of NOHA, strengthening NOHA’s position to become the leading supplier of fire safety and service in the Nordic region.

The Swedish companies Brand & Industriskydd (B&I) and Secunova Gruppen signed with NOHA in December 2019. Founded in 1991, the fire safety company B&I provides security solutions, fire protection, consultation and service. Secunova Gruppen is a nationwide security supplier that offers innovative, comprehensive solutions in fire protection.

“NOHA has previously held a leading position in Sweden, but after a turbulent period between 1999 and 2012 with several changes in ownership, we lost that position. After buying Vivestra last year, and now B&I and Secunova Gruppen, we are starting to regain the structure to take back the position we had in the past”, says Frode Lemvik, Managing Director of NOHA.

In February 2019 the Swedish fire service company Vivestra became part of NOHA, making the foundation for the venture to become the leading supplier of fire safety and service in the Nordic region. The new agreement with B&I and Secunova Gruppen supports this venture. It takes NOHA from a regional to a national supplier in Sweden, with seven locations.

“This is an exciting step for Brand & Industriskydd Gruppen. We operate in an increasingly consolidated market, and it was important for us to choose the right partner to grow with. It felt natural to join up with Vivestra, and I look forward to B&I reaching the next level together with NOHA”, says Mikael Kindblom, CEO of Brand & Industriskydd and Secunova Gruppen.

NOHA was established in 1924 and is Norway’s leading supplier of fire safety and service to commercial buildings and industry. In recent years, NOHA has focused on modernising operations, continue delivering quality products and strengthening NOHA’s position in the Nordic market.

“We are going through an exciting time of growth and we will continue the work to identify companies in the Nordic region that will become part of our expanding group”, says Lemvik.

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