NOHA NORWAY AS was established in 1924 and has since grown to become world-leading manufacturer of fire hose reels and Norway’s largest supplier of fire fighting equipment. Regarding quality, there is no compromise. Our products will always be at the forefront of design and performance giving a total capability in any situation.

Approvals and certifications

Competent Operation

NOHA’s service divisions hold approvals from “Rådet for Vedlikehold av Brannslokkemateriell” (reg. no. 13, 15, 84, 92 and 146). All our service technicians hold personal qualification certificates “Grønt kompetansebevis”.

Achilles approvals

Through Achilles NOHA is prequalified to supply products and services to:

  • the oil- and gas industry (Achilles)
  • the transport industry (TransQ)
  • electricity supply industry (Achilles Utilities NCE. Previously Sellicha)

NOHA’s Fire Hose Reels are CE-marked

The CE-mark on the fire hose reels confirms the compliance to the EU. The hose reels are tested, approved, certified and CE-marked through an approved accreditation organization to EN 671-1 for hose reels with semi-rigid hose.


The MED-mark (Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC) on a selection of our fire extinguishers and Fire Hose Reels prove that they are manufactured and certified according to the European Standard for fire extinguishers. This implies that the extinguishers can be installed and used on any ship sailing for a country in the EEA. The products are marked with the same wheel mark as the certificates.

PED-certified extinguishers

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) – sets safety requirements to transportable pressure equipment. Its purpose is to harmonise national laws of member states regarding the design, manufacture, testing and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies of pressure equipment to avoid threats to health, environment and safety. All our fire extinguishers are PED-certified.


Environmentally sound waste management of electrical products – RENAS

As a member of RENAS, NOHA responds to the statutory responsibility that importers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic products have to provide for collection and environmental treatment of discarded products.

Collection and recycling of packaging

As a member of Grønt Punkt Norge AS, NOHA is actively involved in the industry’s ability to collect and recycle packaging. We pay remuneration to the material companies Plastretur AS, Norsk Returkartong AS and Norsk Resy AS.


Environment Certificates