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Evacuation drills

What happens in your office when the fire alarm goes off?
NOHA can map out evacuation routines, and assist in reviewing what works and what doesnt. We can carry out evacuation exercises with or without test smoke.

Why Evacuation drill?

Evacuation exercises will help raise awareness among employees, so that they already know how to react if an accident occurs. The best way to ensure safe evacuation is through exercises, as well as review and improvement of routines.

The complexity of your business and building will be decisive for how frequently an evacuation exercise should be conducted. However, we recommend everyone to have an annual exercise as a minimum.

With or without smoke machine

During the drill we have the opportunity to use a smoke machine, turn off the power etc, to create the most realistic evacuation situation.


After completing the evacuation exercise, participants should have acquired skills, knowledge and routine to actively participate in evacuating as quickly as possible while safeguarding their possible emergency tasks.

Practice realistic evacuation?

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