Kontroll og vedlikehold av brannslangetrommel

Fire Hose Reel Maintenance

Annual inspection and regular maintenance increase product life. Certified and controlled equipment holds the same quality as new equipment. With service on the extinguisher, you can be sure it will work – the day you may need it.

NOHA has several experienced service technicians who manage and maintain  fire hose reels for our customers every day, making sure they are ready for use. NOHA produces fire extinguishing equipment and we know what it takes for them to function all out its long lifetime. We offer Norwegian and European quality of hose reels and extinguishers, and only use spare parts approved by us or other manufacturers.

Maintenance interval for Fire Hose Reels

NOHA performs annual maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment according to NS-EN 671-3 for fire hose reels, and according to the manufacturer’s own recommendations. Unless otherwise stated in the condition of the equipment, extensive service is taken at set intervals.

Fire hose reels are checked annually and pressure tested every 5 years.


With our digital systems, NOHA is the market’s most flexible and predictable partner. All fire hose reels are labeled with a unique barcode containing all vital data about the fire safety point; installation date, service type, next maintenance, etc.

After performing maintenance according to NS-EN 671-3, our technician scans the barcode and records the status of the fire hose reel. Once the service assignment has been completed, the report will be sent to you as well as to our planning team. It gives you as a customer a great overview of the status of your Fire Safety Equipment