Foam Stations for KNM Maud

The Norwegian Armed Forces new supply vessel, KNM Maud, is planned to arrive in Norway in 2018. On board there are a number of NOHA Foam Stations to protect the precious and flammable cargo.


Installing equipment on a ship presents a number of challenges. In addition, this ships mission sets high requirements. The equipment will be exposed to the harsh natural forces at sea and must be resistant to the movement of the waves, sea water and the fluctuating temperatures. The equipment also needs to be a degree of customizable to be able to fit in with the rest of the installations on the ship.

The cargo is very ignitable and creates critical situations if fire breaks out and get out of control. It is important to be able to complete the assignment even after an undesirable incident.

The ship is expected to have a long lifetime. The vessel to be replaced, KNM Valkyrien, was built in 1981 and has been used by the Navy from 1994 to 2015. Therefore, the possibility of replacement products and easy access to spare parts is high up on the Armed Forces requirements list.


NOHA has extensive experience with the delivery of Fire Fighting Equipment for harsh environments, like the Northern Sea. We have supplied many products and solutions that still are mounted on platforms, helideck, FPOs, and other ships. NOHA understands the risks and consequences related with fire hazardous activity in hard weathered environment.

Through decades NOHA has supplied spare parts and replacement products after modifications or upgrades. With our local production facilities and experienced technicians and engineers we can supply parts so that the operations don’t stop.